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Good Day To Be A Cardiologist 

As the Rockies continue to run together strings of improbabilities to win the National League Wild Card Race tonight with a 9-8, 13th-inning win over the San Dieo Padres.

And, even at the that, the final margin was a run which--it would appear--never scored, as Matt Holliday's face-plant head-first slide never quite reached the plate.

But, seriously, folks--after winning 14 out of their last 15 and only making up 4 games in the standings, wasn't it about time the Rockies caught a break or two? They've been the best team in baseball over the last three weeks, and they've won games in every way imaginable (except a sacrifice squeeze play--which might have been the right call at one point tonight AND yesterday . . . but I digress), but every night seemed to need some help which just wasn't coming. So I don't feel at all bad about that last play.

And, now we're at a point where the Rockies are more fun to watch than the Broncos, and by the time the Rockies run is over, we'll be into Avalanche season.

A good run, indeed.

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