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Ed Perlmutter's Fish Tales 

This cracks me up.

Here's the headline on Ed Perlmutter's website:

"Congressman Ed Perlmutter Instrumental in Passing Homeland Security Legislation."

Good, right? Finally, the far-left Perlmutter comes to his senses and tries to protect the American people.

But you have to read a little further. Here is what the good Congressman has actually accomplished:

The House passed H.R. 1680, the Secure Handling of Ammonium Nitrate Act on a voice vote.

Huh? The "Secure Handling . . . "? On a "voice vote"?

In other words, Perlmutter has managed to be but one of 400 some-odd votes to monitor the purchase and handling of . . . manure. Sure, it's advanced manure, but . . .

Way to go, Ed. Way to be "instrumental" in shoveling . . . .er, "securing", the crap.

Seriously, THIS guy beat us last time? Please tell me there's somebody better running against him in 2008?

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