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Somebody Else Noticed This 

A few days ago I asked, somewhat flippantly,

By the way, if the Ritter Care proposal and the Hillary Care proposal go into effect at the same time, will we get hit twice for "universal" health care?

Well, on Saturday the Rocky Mountain News also noticed the likelihood of the two policies colliding:

And since every one of the proposals the commission would offer is likely to require voters to approve a tax increase - four do now - it's quite possible that Coloradans could be stuck paying higher taxes for a medical system that's outdated soon after it takes effect.

Everybody is in such a hurry to get their "signature" health care proposals up and working that they're likely to just create huge overlapping bureaucracies, which will will require even more bureaucracies to resolve conflicts.

Yes, four of the proposals require a tax increase; if I remember right, the commission only did a detailed study on four proposals. That means we'll start with a tax increase for a system that may or may not deliver as promised and which will almost certainly require more spending to square with the federal program . . .which will also require more taxes, on top of the more taxes the feds will need to take our to implement their proposal.

And soon, instead of health care sector being one-seventh of the economy, it will be one-fifth, or one-fourth, for a system that sounds good and looks good, but (if history is any teacher) will begin to fail to perform as promised within a few years of its inception.

This is craziness. Somebody other than Jon Caldera had better start making the public argument against this as loudly and as logically as they can, before the inertia of the issue becomes overwhelming. It may, for that matter, already be too late.

But somebody had better start making the argument, anyway.

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