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Something To Think About 

Guess who said this [from Reader's Digest September issue]

We're in trouble with our education system. That's because a family today is considered a failure unless their kid goes to college. But not every kid has the aptitude to go to college. We need more service- and tradesoeioke--electricians, plumbers. There's nothing in school anymore that trains you for a job. When I dropped out of 11th grade, I could build a house with my own hands.

Just some down-and-out, bitter man, railing against "the system" to justify his own failures in life? Hardly.

This quote came from Ken Hendricks, the man listed at #107 on the Forbes Magazine list of the 400 richest Americans. Last year his housing materials company did over $3 billion in sales.

Just, like I said--something to think about.

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