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Polis' Sense of Irony Unsurprising, At Best 

From the Rocky Mountain News:

Congressional candidate Jared Polis announced in an e-mail message that he doesn't take "lobbyist money," but campaign records show he has received nearly $9,000 in donations from current or former lobbyists.

The e-mail also raised eyebrows because of Polis' lament about the influence of lobbyists in the political process.
. . .

"The whole point of this e-mail is that we are not financing this campaign in the typical fashion," [campaign spokesperson Wanda] James said.

Not financing this in the typical fashion?! Does she mean not the way Polis has helped bankroll the Democratic takeover of Colorado, through millions in 527 influence? Or does she mean not the way he financed his State Board of Education victory, which was through millions of his own money to buy the seat? Or does she mean not in the way he hammered through the now-inscrutable Amendment 41, which was through direct financing of "issue ads"?

In all reality, what's surprising about this is that Polis actually is getting any donations at all. I guess, that is, other than from Pat Stryker and Tim Gill.

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