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On Larry Craig 

First of all, let me state very clearly: Larry Craig should resign. For the good of the Senate, for the good of Idaho, and for the good of the GOP, Larry Craig should step down. We should, and do, expect vry much better from our elected officials. And I applaud those members of Congress who have already stood up and called for him to do so.

But, help me out here: Am I imagining a pattern--a conspiracy, if you will-- where none actually exists, or are the coincidences more than believable?

In the early Fall of 2006, President Bush began to make very forceful speeches in defense of the War in Iraq. By Labor Day, it seemed as though the Democratic momentum had been effectively halted, and it seemed possible that the GOP might be able to retain a majority in the Senate, at least. Then, out of the blue, a major story breaks about lewd and wrong behavior from a member of the GOP caucus--a story that had actually taken place many months before, but only became a headline in September. The GOP momentum broke on the rocks of this story, and the election turned decisively for the Democrats.

In the early Fall of 2007, the country anxiously awaits a major report regarding progress in Iraq. All signs, including the observations of a couple of Democratic lawmakers, seem to point towards a very positive report which will indicate American success is more and more likely. Couple that with public opinion which seems to be shifting in a more positive direction regarding the war, and the Democrats in Congress seeming both impotent as legislators and hopeful of an American defeat, and you have the makings of a political sea change. Until the lewd and wrong behavior of a member of the GOP caucus--again, some time ago--becomes the major national headline. So on the same day that the President calls out Iran and talks about 12,000 dead terrorists in Iraq, all the major media can do is cover the fall from grace of one poor, confused Senator from Idaho.

Is it just me? Or, rather, is this just another fine example of the completely self-destructive impulses Republican office-holders tend to exhibit?

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