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More Of Our Government At Work 

The Inspector General, Central Intelligence Agency, released its report on the performance of the Agency leading up to 9-11. All you have to know is this:

(U) The findings of greatest concern are those that identify systemic problems where the Agency's programs or processes did not work as they should have, and concerning which a number of persons were involved or aware, or should have been.

Systemic failures. . . . And 3,000 Americans died. Because of "systemic failures."

In other words, despite one previous attack on U.S. soil and a number of attacks on American interests oversees in the decade prior, the C.I.A. still could not figure out how to deal with even the possibility of an attack. It couldn't even get the right processes in place to deal with what we now see for what it was: an inevitability.

But this is the government that Hillary wants to hand over your health care to.

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