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Just Thinking Out Loud 

In the last two statewide elections in Colorado, the Republican Party has put forward a candidate with the "aw-shucks", simple, western charm.

And gotten creamed.

Does that come pretty close to describing any of the current crop of GOP Presidential candidates (or near-candidates)? Maybe without the "western"?

On the other hand, Bill Owens coasted to re-election with an almost wonky, smooth approach.

Does that describe any of the current crop?

I'm just thinking that whoever the GOP puts forward in 2008 had better have long enough coattails to help pull Schaffer into the Senate and, hopefully, SOMEBODY into the House from both the 4th and 7th Congressional districts.

And we have a little bit of a track record--at least stylistically--to help evaluate.

I'm not committing to anything or anybody just yet, but this will definitely play a role in my final thinking.

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