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I don't have a lot of free time (blogging doesn't count as free time . . . though my wife might quibble with that distinction I maintain), and so what free time I have I rarely give over to television.

Though, for some inexplicable reason, the television is almost always on.

Hmmmmm. . . .

Anyway . . .

So when I find a show I really like, I make it a point to watch. 24 has become one of those sad little obsessions, finding ways to suck me in and hold my attention for hours at a time.

And now I've found another one.

The History Channel has a wide assortment of viewing offerings, some of which are too much like high school history for my taste, but a few which are very interesting. Recently, they've started a series called "Human Weapon", in which the two hosts--a mixed-martial arts fighter and a former pro football player and wrestler--travel around the world to study with experts in a variety of martial arts.

For anybody who has ever studied a martial art (ahem . . . JARED), or even anybody who just enjoys UFC or sport karate, it is fascinating to watch.

Plus, it's hilarious to watch a 250-pound former football star get smacked around by 150-pound, 70 year-old Oriental guys.

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