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A Tribute

Bob, the proprietor of The Daily Blogster, is about to deploy.

For those of you who have not had the occasion to come across his writing, so much the sadder for you. He has developed quite a record as a commentator on issues military and political, plus frequently bringing a bit of humor to the blogosphere.

Many of us had strong reactions to 9/11. I, for instance, decided not to just be angry, but to start writing Letters to Editor and, eventually, that led to this blog. Bob, also, became a player in the blogosphere; he, however, took it an extra step, and enlisted in the U.S. Navy.

Bob, like myself, is a family man, with a wife and children. But whereas the thought of leaving my family to serve my country never seemed like an option to me (even if what the military thought it needed was another short, older man with bad shoulders and knees), Bob was undaunted, and signed up. I understand the calculus: it would be easier, perhaps, to protect my family by going into the proverbial hornet's nest and destroying them there, rather than waiting for them one-by-one here. I just never got beyond the thought of not being here--Bob did.

Now, he is on his way to serve a tour on an aircraft carrier.

His choice, his courage and his honor are humbling. Join me in wishing him Godspeed.

The Daily Blogster will continue under the stewardship of Jim and El Presidente. With luck, Bob will ocassionally be able to contribute thoughts on being a service man in a time of war from onboard ship.

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