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Rep. Merrifield Continues To . . er . . .Represent 

Ben, as usual, has the goods.

State Rep. Michael Merrifield, a Colorado Springs Democrat who chairs the House Education Committee, called the whole notion of course requirements “out of date, old-fashioned,” and “so 20th century.”

Ah . . . Interesting. "Out of the box," as it were.

I suppose in Merrifield's world, students would show up to school and, what? go where they want, when they want? Sort of an educational buffet?

And what would graduation look like in that world? If we have no course requirements, then would a student have the right to declare him or herself proficient, and move on?


SO Socratic in its implications.

Why, if we have no actual course requirements, then bad or boring teachers would have, presumably, very sparsely attended classes. It's fairly easy to see a scenario in which the worst teachers never have any students show up to class, in which case they would dismissed.

Oh, wait . . . that might upset Merrifield's friends in the teachers' union. Hmmmmm . . . . SUCH a dilemma.

Well, at least internal consistencies aren't necessary for the articulation of a sound philosophy:

On a party line vote today, the Senate Education Committee passed a bill sponsored by Senator Sue Windels (D-Arvada) to mandate standards on Colorado schools that teach sex education.

So, to reiterate: course requirements are out-of-date and old-fashioned, except when it comes to sex ed.

Gotta love the Democrats. These are the people we let into power.


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