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On Terror and Socialized Medicine

As you are about to be force-fed the Governor's "new" plan for Colorado Health care, keep in mind the results in other places where the government takes over the delivery of health services.

Keep in mind that all these doctors who have been arrested in England over the last few days were imported to England to keep their socialized medicine system functioning.

Ask yourself if, twenty years from now, after twenty years of government-run health care in this state, if it isn't COMPLETELY predictable that Colorado might have to start "importing" its own doctors to keep our system afloat, as the best and brightest in the state "migrate" towards nearby states that have free-market systems which reward doctors for their excellence and give them opportunities to care for patients the way they are supposed to.

For a very thorough discussion of this topic, I refer you to The Corner, which has an excellent running discussion of this topic going today. In particular, read this post, this post, and this post.

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