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As somebody once said, anybody can do just about anything if they're willing to die in the process.

Today proves that, to some degree.

I can only thank God that none of the dozens of staff and visitors to the Capitol this afternoon got caught in any crossfire or by a wild spray of shots. It seems quite a stroke of luck that actually NOBODY got hurt outside or inside Gov. Ritter's office this afternoon except the gunman himself.

Which actually raises quite a few questions. If this guy was actually intent on hurting somebody, why did he allow himself to be redirected away from the Governor's office without forcing his way in? Why did he never actually fire the weapon? Why did he comply with orders to move away from the office, but not with the order to drop his weapon? If he was really intent on taking over state government, why do it while the legislature was out of session?

And who is the "emperor"?

Sadly, this sounds all too much like a poor man with a bad mental condition who couldn't pull the trigger on himself, so he committed "suicide by cop"--creating a situation in which the only choice left for the police is to shoot someone.

Of course, that's just speculation from an amateur psychologist.

For some more speculation from an amateur psychologist, I direct you to this page. Dazzling: long before we ever found out the name of the gunman, the Left was already blaming both gun laws and talk radio. How's that for incisive, informed analysis?

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