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News From The Schools 

The results of the Spring, 2007 Colorado School Assessment Program are in.

For those of you unfamiliar with the CSAP, as it's called, this is Colorado's student testing program, which has been in place for about a decade, and which is used to guage Colorado's compliance with No Child Left Behind.

To get the results for a specific school, work through this link.

To get results for an entire district, work through this link.

The overall?

Statewide achievement test scores stayed largely flat this year, with only small, scattered gains, particularly in science and all middle school subjects.

The results of the Colorado Student Assessment Program tests, released today, indicate that school reform is stalling. One- third of students still cannot read adequately and nearly half are substandard in math.

Well, that's discouraging.

I haven't had time to absorb all the numbers or break them down at all. I'll have a lot more to say once I've a chance to do that.

In the meantime, against that backdrop, go read a couple smart people write about one little segment of education. Denise posts some perceptions about what parents need to look for if they're shopping for charter schools; and Richie D has some thoughts on "charter- and home-school apologetics."

No doubt one of these two will have some good thoughts on CSAPs in relation to their little corner of the educational world. And, if not, give me a few days--I'll break it down for you in due time.

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