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When Did Liberals Lose Their Spine?

This has been bugging me lately.

Think about a series of recent events:

:Democrats collapsing on the Iraq funding bill

:Democratic Presidential candidates refusing to do a debate on Fox News

:Rosie O'Donnell quitting The View early after being confronted by poor little Elizabeth Hasselback

:Cindy Sheehan has given up her quixotic quest to end the Bush Presidency and the Iraq War

The most recent events, which I hadn't previously commented on, are the O'Donnell thing and the Sheehan thing. Sheehan makes at least a little sense--it's gotta really stink to have all your friends turn on you. But, if you really believe in the moral correctness of your cause, don't you persist regardless of the resistance? I mean, it's not really courage to only stare down the enemies you expected while all your sycophants are circling behind you--courage is facing all comers and standing up alone if you have to.

And Rosie has problems. Seriously, if Elizabeth Hasselback challenging you is enough to drive you away, you must have absolutely no faith in what you're doing. I like Elizabeth, but she's no flame-thrower like Ann Coulter, and she's not nearly the intellectual force of a Michelle Malkin. Honestly, if you've gotten so used to the echo chamber that the poor, token conservative makes you run from the arena by simply pressing you to actually say out loud what you've been implying for months, then you need to be challenged more.

And that may be the point.

Perhaps, just maybe, the echo chamber has gotten so loud and so safe that liberals actually DON'T have to have any courage, because they can say the most outrageous things and be safe.

So . . . . DAMMIT . . . . time to stand up and challenge them a little bit.

Thank you, Elizabeth Hasselback for being a tiny force for good in the world.

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