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Sports Musings

The San Antonio Spurs ARE the Borg. Resistance is futile. You will be defeated. They are as cold-blooded, as ruthless, and as efficient as any sports team I have ever seen. They're not pretty, and they play a mind-numbingly boring style. But when they need a big shot, they get it; when they need a stop, they get it; when they need a rebound, they get it. If you want to run on them, they'll stop you, but exploit your desire to run by running on you; if you want to slow them down, they'll let you stay in arms reach, and, like a boa constrictor, wait until you get uncomfortable and squirmy before they squeeze the life out of you. They can beat you by scoring 75 points, or they can beat you by scoring 110 points. And they will beat either Detroit or Cleveland in five games.

Speaking of Cleveland, LeBron is having his coming out party. Finally, he may actually be living up to the "Next Michael Jordan" label.

And the Rockies are actually winning some games, recently coming off of a seven-game winning streak. Funny what happens when the starting pitchers get far into the game without giving up too much, and the manager leaves the middle relievers in their cages while the starters are doing their jobs, and the hitters FINALLY start getting some big hits. No, really. If memory serves, right before the streak started the manager stepped up to take the blame for losing a couple games by mismanaging the bullpen; then he goes more 'hands-off' and they win seven; and then, in the streak ending loss, he leaves the starter in two or three batters too long. Not that I blame him with this bullpen, but your number five starter has to have a pretty short hook when he's on a four-game losing streak.

Anyway . . . See, kids. There's plenty of room in the day for fun, too.

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