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Somehow, I've Managed To Crack the Top 10

BlogNetNews has a ranking of the most influential Colorado political blogs.

And, yep, this little rant sheet has made it into the top 10--at #10.

I suppose that fulfills one of my great hopes when I started writing this blog 3-1/2 years ago. And while I have no idea of the methodology employed which earned me that ranking, I'm quite happy to take my ranking and run. It's quite an honor and pretty humbling to think about.

So I'll take this opportunity to thank everybody who looks in on me regularly--I hope I ocassionally stumble onto imformative or humorous or insightful to justify you coming around.

And, by the way, my good friend and fellow RMA member Ben comes in at an impressive #4! Way to go, Ben, and well-earned!

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