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Can I just ask a question? One which will, no doubt, really tick off some of you out there?

What is it about women that they do not understand the nature of projects?

Okay, let me back away a bit.

My recent . . .er, sabbatical . . . has been the result of one question: would it be possible to . . . ?

When the wife asks that question, run for the hills--FAST.

Two weeks ago, my lovely bride asked that question in regard to a remodeling idea of hers. Is it possible? Sure, I say. Good, she says, and than she walks away.

Now, in my mind, I'm thinking A. demolition of existing structure B. creation of secondary structure to limit dogs' movement during work C. removal of obstruction to said 2ndry structure D. oh, yeah--design remodel E. choose materiel . . . . You get the idea. I'm thinking step-by-step process, mentally computing/estimating the necessary time the whole way.

And then doubling my estimate because I don't really build things.

At any rate, I was guessing a 7- to 10-day project, if the weather cooperated and I got a few breaks from the children.

The Bewitching Mrs. Best Destiny? She hears "sure," says "good," and then walks away. Somewhere in her head, that job has been delegated and she's planning on a 2- to 5-day job.

All of which means that, not only is there the actual job to do, but then there's the added pressure of not meeting her expectations.

Which, I suppose, is something I should be used to.

However that may be, the project is now finished. And it took two weeks--fourteen days--from first act of demolition to final nail in the trim. But the added pressure of trying to not compound my wife's disappointment has left me little time to vent about what's going on in the world. In other words, and the point is--I'm on freakin' vacation here (yeah, I know--I'm not counting on any sympathy from those of you in the real world), and I'm exhausted!, but even in my diminished mental state and completely out of touch I'm able to recognize the absurdity of what's going on around me.

Like, when did the Democratic Party become the Party of Already Failed Ideas? On the same day that 39 Dems futilely vote for the McCain-Kennedy-Bush immigration monstrosity--DESPITE a CBO analysis that said it would only accomplish 25% of its goals--the House, with every Democrat on board, votes to expand federal funding of for embryonic stem cell research. This, DESPITE a report from two days earlier that indicated that stem cells from other sources could be designed to mutate into plenipotential stem cells.

And even today, it is reported that the glaciers of Kilimanjaro are melting (as tropical glaciers are wont to do), but NOT DUE TO "GLOBAL WARMING." I wonder if Al Gore's impending campaign for Savior of the World will take into account this little bit of news. And will the Democratic candidates for President mention this?

Not likely.

But then, from out of my sabbatical, I hear that somebody out there is ACTUALLY making sense vis-a-vis Iran--AND IT'S A DEMOCRAT!! Of course, it's no surprise that it's Joe Lieberman making sense, but it is disturbing that he is, to date, the most senior member of government to say the obvious regarding the Mullah's murdering of American soldiers in Iraq.

AND THEN comes word that the administration is going to do its level best to resurrect the Immigration Bill. AAARRRGH. But, so far, nobody's saying HOW they're going to alter it to make it more palatable.

It's actually pretty easy:

A. eighteen month moratorium on granting visas while
1. the 800 miles of fence is built
2. the border patrols are built up by 20,000 guards, and
3. the employer-enforcement provisions that the administration has been pursuing are continued
THEN . . .
B. create a program that allows a path to legalization for those in country who can:
1. prove that they have a track record of successful employment
2. demonstrate that they are loyal to this country
3. pay any back taxes owed to this country
THEN . . .
C. create a tamper-proof biometric means to track who comes in and what they are doing here
D. eject every illegal alien who has committed a crime or who has jihadist ties

You make security the priority; then you make it possible for well-behaved illegals to come out of the shadows and become citizens. It is both smart, and compassionate--truly, an American approach to the problem.

That's not really my idea, by the way--it's an amalgam of other smart peoples' ideas and the polling data from when the country has been asked about the problem.

So far, though, nobody has proposed this in an official capacity.

Part of the problem there, however, is structural--none of the serious Republican candidates for President currently have a job. It would be great if one of them were still in the Senate.

(Hey, notice how I just completely diminished the importance of John McCain? Not so much a new thing--he's really done it to himself)

The nightmare scenario is if either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton makes this proposal in he days and weeks to come. Imagine--Senate at an impasse, immigration problem going unaddressed, and the only person who can both break the logjam and solve the problem is a candidate for President.

And then we can all plan for a Democratic administration to follow.

And, in the meantime, the Rockies continue to find ways to win several series, and the NBA championship series is all but over with an average score of 23-18, or something like that, and Tiger Woods is preparing to win another major championship.

Okay. Got that off my chest.

I feel better.

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