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Quick Reaction

The Senate passed the cloture motion for Comprehensive Immigration Reform this afternoon by a staggering 65-34 margin. Does this mean anything?

Well, my first reaction was simple: lots more free time in the Fall of 2008. What with not having to do any campaign work for anybody.

But then it occurred to me that this is but one step. There will be two whirlwind days of debate (there's effective governance--48 hours on a massive policy thing, which is 800 pages long and has a 380 page amendment) followed by another cloture vote to actually getting around to voting on this.

Assuming the Senate GOP leadership hasn't been massively outmaneuvered by the Harry Reid (NOT something, by the way I take for granted), then there will be one more opportunity for some of these Senators to get it right again on Thursday.

And then it would go to the House, where Nancy Pelosi has said she won't even bring it to the floor unless the GOP can guarantee her 70 votes. Since the House GOP took a symbolic vote tonight opposing this Senate bill by 114 - 23, it doesn't look good that it will even get to the floor.

Of course, she could always forget about this little requirement of hers, since it seems like the people who care the most about this are holding John McCain and Pres. Bush accountable--there's almost no way that this would get pinned exclusively on the Democrats, as she is afraid of.

Hold your breath, friends--there's a lot more to be said about this just yet.

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