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Quick Hits--World and National

--The "Religion of Peace" Strikes Again, pt. 1

To live in Gaza is to fear for your life at every moment, said Guhwaji. First she was scared of the Israelis. Holding her hand to her ear, she said she could still hear the sound of the IDF planes and helicopters overhead. But what drove her to leave was the Hamas takeover last week.

"Now I'm very scared," she said. "Hamas is cruel. They kill people as if they were birds," she said. She paused, then added: "No, even a bird is killed with more honor."

--The "Religion of Peace" Strikes Again, pt. 2

Mohammed Ijaz ul-Haq, Pakistan's religious affairs minister, said Monday of Rushdie's knighting that: "The West is accusing Muslims of extremism and terrorism. If someone exploded a bomb on his body he would be right to do so unless the British government apologizes and withdraws the 'sir' title. [because that wouldn't be extreme OR terrorist]"

Ul-Haq insisted Tuesday that he meant only that the award could be used as a justification for suicide attacks [oh, of course. . . that's much better]. Honouring the author of a "blasphemous book" could undermine interfaith harmony [in much the same way that "exploding a bomb" which would, presumably, kill innocents, would damage same] and damage Pakistan's efforts against terrorism [yes, indeed--by engaging in terrorism], he said.

--Michael Bloomberg: pro-choice; pro-gun control; raises taxes; no foreign policy experience; no military experience. Tell me, in what way is this guy different than ANY of the Democratic candidates, except that he has actually had jobs before and has some executive experience?

--Michael Yon continues to be the ABSOLUTE BEST voice out of Iraq, on both style and substance. A sample of his latest post:

Meanwhile, there are stadiums full of people shouting at the doctors, threatening to fire them or revoke their licenses, or at the very least to cut off the lights mid-surgery. In the din of the mob, few seem to notice that the patient, screaming to be healed, is much more alive than dead. The patient roils in agony with every new cut, slashing at doctors and self. Some say we’ve done enough and it’s time for the patient to heal itself. Others are saying we should put it out of its misery, but surely this thing will live, and drag its mutilated self out of the hospital and follow us home, no longer seeking a cure but intent on revenge.

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