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Quick Hits: State and Local

--The Rockies have taken the first two in their 3-game series with the Yankees, and have won 6 of their last 7. Moreover, since May 22nd, no team in baseball has won more games than the Rockies.

I'm not saying this is a World Series contender yet. I'm just pointing out that there's pretty good baseball being played out at Coors Field.

--Bush Vetoes Rep. DeGette's Stem-Cell Bill

Again. Heard her on 850 KOA this morning, and she absolutely LIED through her teeth. She said that all the researchers agree that embryonic stem cells hold the most potential. I suppose all the researchers who have devoted their lives to embryonic stem cells would have to believe that. In the meantime, all the researchers who have actually come up with therapies and successful clinical trials with adult stem cells and cord blood stem cells are just too dang busy being successful to make it into her list of researchers.

By the way, Rep. Perlmutter was standing behind her on the podium at her presser this afternoon. If any Republican can actually successfully make the case that THIS BILL, not the President, is the most extreme action in this regard, then that picture of the two of them together would make for a good ad.

--I Told You This Was Too Much

State economists on Wednesday projected that Colorado government will now keep an extra $5.9 billion because of Referendum C.

That amount is $2.2 billion more than originally expected in November 2005 when voters approved Referendum C, suspending the state constitution's revenue limit for five years.

So between our economy actually doing its thing again and the Governor's new tax-hike on your home, we've now more than doubled the amount going into the legislature than it asked for two years ago for Referendum C.

Nice. Wonder if they'll start doing the rebates again any sooner, given this.

Heh. Yeah, I'm not holding my breath, either.

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