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Never Mind

Over the last couple weeks I've started getting a little excited about the Colorado Rockies (see posts from 6/14 and 6/1).

But . . . never mind.

After sweeping the Yankees in a three-game series last week, the Rox have proceeded to lose four in a row, including two blown saves for Brian Fuentes which cancelled out impressive comebacks.

And I kick myself, because this feels SO much like last year. Going into the last week of June, the Rockies were just a game or two back in the division, several games over .500, and playing just great. Then reality set in--from the last week of June through the month of July the Rockies looked hapless, dropping to ten games below .500, completely out of the playoff race, with a bullpen ERA of about 13.55.

Oh, and, wait . . . . hey, it's the last week of June.

But, at least, it was interesting enough to get us within a couple weeks of Broncos training camp. WHEE!!

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