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Governor Ritter Shows A Little--and I Do Mean 'A Little'--Common Sense

The governor vetoed five bills on Friday.

House Bill 1313 would have relaxed tough identification rules for getting a driver’s license. Last year, the DMV adopted such stringent rules that legitimate Coloradans were unable to get driver’s licenses or photo ID cards. . . .

Other Ritter vetoes:

Senate Bill 84: Would have required a state board to maintain a database of all persons registering as interior designers, allowing only those in the database to use the term "registered interior designer."

House Bill 1107: Would have expanded the ability to petition courts to seal criminal convictions and arrests.

House Bill 1216: Would have changed rules for Medicaid reimbursement to hospitals.

House Bill 1356: Would have changed ethics laws to conform with rules approved by voters last fall. Ritter said he vetoed it because a judge on Thursday issued an order barring enforcement of some of those rules.

It's that first one that actually means something. A tiny impediment to the acquisition of legal papers would seem a reasonable thing in this day and age. But, more importantly, it really ticked off the Democrat sponsor of the bill:

Rep. Rosemary Marshall, D-Denver, sponsor of HB 1313, was disheartened by the veto.
I’m extremely disappointed that the "anti-immigration zealots managed to get their voices heard over the citizens of Colorado," she said.

In other news, Rep. Marshall had to rush away from her press conference to board Air Force One, where she was expected to travel with the President to tout "Comprehensive Immigration Reform."

Just kidding.

Sadly, kind of a moot point, when you consider how easy this will be once the "Provisional Z-Visas" kick in.

But it does give ritter a little centrist credibility for his 2010 reelection.

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