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Good Day In The Courts

Yesterday was a good day from the Supreme Court. Starting with the decision in Wisconsin Right to Life, in which the Chief Justice noted that . . .[GASP] it is useful to actually READ the First Amendment when deciding First Amendment cases.

Now, there's a novel idea.

If only they would go back and do the same thing with regard to Establishment Clause cases.

SCOTUS managed to skirt the Establishment Clause in deciding that individual taxpayers do not have standing to sue over the "Faith-based Initiatives." I like the result, though I wish this Court would take up the Establishment Clause with it.

And then, finally, a judge exercised a rare moment of common sense in tossing out a $54 million lawsuit--filed by a judge--against a dry cleaners who he alleges lost his pants, in violation of the "Satisfaction Guaranteed" sign on their window. Further, the Judge ordered the plaintiff to pay the legal fees of the dry cleaners.

Of course, it will be appealed. But, still--gotta relish those moments of lucid thought from the legal profession.

They're precious rare enough.

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