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Dear Senator Salazar--

On March 30th, you gave a strong statement in support of Comprehensive Immigration Reform; since then, you have made other public statements of support for the specific Immigration Reform package which is making its way through the Senate. Your record on this is clear.

However, that was before the Congressional Budget Office came out with it's analysis which states: "The Senate's immigration bill will cut annual illegal immigration by just 25 percent, and the bill's new guest-worker program could lead to at least 500,000 more illegal aliens within a decade," . . .

Given that you stated on the Senate floor that:

In this Post-9/11 era, it is critical that we get control of our borders – both northern and southern – so that we can protect our country from outside threats that would do harm to Americans AND punish those who exploit the hopes of foreign workers through human trafficking.

Solving our nation’s illegal immigration problems is a matter of national security.

To that end, the first priority of immigration reform must be to provide for adequate and sensible border security and renewed federal commitment to enforcing our nation’s immigration laws.

I was wondering if you would now publicly withdraw your support for this piece of legislation?

And if not--why not?

What has become clear is that passing this legislation would be worse than doing nothing--at least right now, most Americans acknowledge that Illegal Immigration is a problem. The temptation to declare the problem "solved" after "doing something" would make it nearly impossible to actually deal with the problem again for another 25 years.

Senator Salazar, serve your constituents and your country--show REAL leadership and recognize that this piece of legislation is irredeemably flawed. Withdraw your support for it, and get to work crafting legislation that will actually address your "first priority" while working towards a realistic and merciful solution to the Illegal Immigration problem.

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