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And Another Thing

Get off of A-Rod's case.

Baseball is, in many ways, warfare; and all warfare is based on deception.

How many times in his career in Denver did Rockies fans marvel at how easily Larry Walker would stand dead still in right field, looking for all the world as if he was camped out directly underneath a fly ball, only to see it sail over his head, bounce off the wall, and come right to him on one hop. And we would all LAUGH that the baserunners could only advance one base on a 400-foot hit.

And how many infielders will stand dead still while a play is approaching their base so as to not give away to the baserunner the fact that the ball is coming and it's going to be a close play?

Remember when George Brett blew a gasket 25 years ago because he'd been called out for having too much pine tar on his bat for a home run? Billy Martin had noticed the pine tar weeks earlier, and only appealed it to the umpires when it mattered

Big leaguers don't NOT use the hidden ball trick because it's illegal or bush-league--they don't use it because everybody's supposed to be too smart to fall for it in the bigs.

If the Toronto Blue Jays third baseman doesn't know his shortstop well enough to recognize that it wasn't his voice calling "mine" on a pop fly, then that's too damn bad. But don't blame it on the guy who has made the trip all the way from first base on a pop fly to get in your space and give his team a little tiny edge.

Besides, there's plenty of legitimate reasons to dislike A-Rod--we don't need to invent them.

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