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What Our Congress People Are Up To

Ed Perlmutter, the rookie congressman in CO CD7, has this to say about the President's next veto opportunity:

“Tonight the House will consider HR 2206, the revised Iraq Accountability Act. This revised bill is the best answer to providing a new direction on the war in Iraq, [and even though it will never become a law, which will leave the troops without funding for several more weeks]and I support this bill.

This Congress will not provide a blank check for President Bush with this war. This legislation fully funds the troops
[until July}, honors our commitment to our veterans [other than committing to victory], while holding the Iraqi government and the President accountable [and, hopefully everybody will forget that us Democrats are going to be responsible for a genocide]. . . .

HR 2206, the revised Iraq Accountability Act, provides this comprehensive solution to bringing an end to this war expeditiously." [while almost certainly guaranteeing that the next war will be medieval in its brutality]

Mark Udall, the man who would be Senator, is bragging about bringing home the pork. Is it just me, or is it odd how much Democrats love the military when they have a chance to attach pork to it?

Senator Salazar is quiet on his website about the big debates, though he joined most of the rest of the Colorado delegation in designating Rocky Mountain National Park as a "wilderness."

Just so you know. I expect Sen. Salazar will have more to say as the Senate considers the July cut-off bill later this week.

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