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Welcome to the Party, Hugh

I noticed that Hugh Hewitt has come to the conclusion that Fred Thompson may not be a likely savior for the GOP's hopes in 2008. The logic: Thompson is a Southerner, a plain-spoken, folksy, slow-moving gentleman who exudes a simple charm.

Sound like anybody familiar?

Hugh's concern is that the 2008 election will be one for change--anybody but Bush.

Not to toot my own horn, but here's something I wrote not too long ago (April 2nd, to be precise):

What I think the electorate is going to look long and hard at for 2008 is the aura of competence and intellect--even brilliance, if someone can pull it off without seeming arrogant--coupled with easy personability, but not necessarily approachability.

Of course, at the time I failed to note the similarities between Bush and Thompson--I guess I assumed Thompson could pull off the Watergate- and television-lawyer role, and wouldn't fall so easily into "Grandpa Fred". And it remains to be seen if he can.

So even the right analysis--or at least one backed up by far more knowledgable people (Hugh)--sometimes leads to the wrong conclusion.

Nonetheless, whatever else happens in 2008, every candidate who really wants to win will be smart, informed, eloquent, and sharp.

Not "folksy".

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