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Seeing The Light Of Day--In Oregon, Of All Places

Listeners of the Hugh Hewitt radio show know that there has been a brewing controversy over the airing of a film made by frequent contributor and Director for the Center For Security Policy Frank Gaffney. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting awarded a grant to Gaffney et al. to produce a film, which ended up being Islam vs. the Islamists; CPB then has refused to broadcast the film.

Until today.

"Islam vs. Islamists: Voices From the Muslim Center" will air on the Oregon Public Broadcasting system's five stations, thanks to an agreement reached this week. The company will also act as distributor for the 52-minute documentary for possible broadcast on other PBS stations nationally.

This sounds like a pretty good time to call up the local PBS stations and ask them to contact the Oregon PBS to get this on the air here in Denver.

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