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Two bits of infomation you should put in your files, and a stray thought:

:An Israeli government commission excoriated Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Monday for “severe failures” in last summer’s war against the Lebanese militia Hezbollah, setting off a furious debate on whether he should remain in office.

This commission's report was confined, by the way, to the first five days of the war. If the first five days involved "severe failures", I can't wait to hear what the commission has to say about how Olmert ended the war.

Destabilisation of the Israeli government has important implications to internal U.S. discussions about what to do about Iran--keep an eye on this.

and . . .

:The Times has a profile of Fred Thompson. It doesn't contain much new or useful information, but there is this little tidbit:

When 10 of the declared Republican presidential candidates gather for their first debate on Thursday at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Southern California, Fred D. Thompson, the actor and politician, will not be among them. But he will not be far offstage.

Mr. Thompson, the former Tennessee senator and current presidential question mark, is speaking the next night at the annual dinner of the Lincoln Club of Orange County . . .

This is very smart on his part; it also hearkens back to another wonderful conservative who created a platform for himself to refute his opponents' points one day after a public event: Abe Lincoln.

Clearly, Thompson is getting in. It just remains to be seen how much influence he can have from outside the process at this point.

Stray thought:

There's nothing to indicate that the tanker crash and subsequent highway collapse in Oakland, CA was anything other than an accident . . .

but don't you think the terrorists might just have noticed?

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