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Liberals Can't Do Numbers

Just remember that. Want evidence?

FasTracks, approved by voters three years ago at $4.7 billion is now pegged by RTD at $6.2 billion, according to figures released today.

Conservatives argued against this, based on voluminous evidence from other cities like San Fransisco and Boston. But RTD and its liberal friends outspent the conservatives and this passed.

More evidence?

Referendum C will bring in about $1.6 billion more than originally forecast, according to reports released Tuesday by top state economists.

Mike Mauer, chief economist for the nonpartisan Legislative Council, said his forecast shows that the state will take in $5.37 billion over the five years the referendum is in place.

Once again, conservatives argued against this referendum--I, for one, referred to it as the $3.7 billion solution to the $1.3 billion problem. But, again, the liberal forces around the state VASTLY outspent conservatives and this went through. That's about $1200 out of your family's pockets over the next five years.

Can you think of something to do with that money? I can.

So when they tell you that the "Property Tax Freeze" will remove a mere $1.7 billion from your pockets over the next ten years, don't believe them. Further, insist that the provisions of TABOR that haven't been gutted--like a tax hike requiring a vote of the Colorado people--get followed by the legislature.

By the way, isn't it curious how that $1.7 billion they're reaching out for is almost the exact same amount that they've already gotten in extra through Ref C? Is there any limit to how much they will take out of your pockets?

Of course not.

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