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Just So We Remember in 2008 (UPDATED)

The House voted today on the Iraq Supplemental--it passed 280-142. Clearly a victory for the President, who was able to beat back any talk of timelines or "short-terming' the funding.

Of the Colorado Delegation, here's how they voted:

DeGette (D): no vote (?)
Udall (D): aye
Salazar (D): aye
Musgrave (R): aye
Lamborn (R): aye
Tancredo (R): aye
Perlmutter (D): NO

Got that, 7th CD voters? The only member of the Colorado delegation to vote against funding for the troops was your own representative, Ed Perlmutter.

Let's remember that in 18 months when this guy's up for re-election. Talk about "outside the mainstream"--this guy's on the same side as just 1/3 of the House an whether or not to give the troops the necessary money to carry out their mission for the upcoming year. Shameful.

But memorable.

UPDATE: Both Colorado Senators voted "aye" on this bill.

That pretty much puts Perlmutter, officially, off the reservation.

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