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Did They Miss The Low-Hanging Fruit?

I've been reading the transcript of the debate last night (I actually did have better things to do than watch the whole thing), and I have just one question:

why did none of them find a way to put this in one of their answers?:

"Well, Chris, I do feel that I need to congratulate my fellow canidates on displaying the courage to come out here tonight, to participate in a debate broadcast on the liberal media outlet MSNBC, in an event co-sponsored by the left-leaning Politico.com, for a broadcast hosted by the virulently anti-Republican Keith Olbermann, and moderated by a former speechwriter for Jimmy Carter and aide to Tip O'Neill. It is encouraging to me that at least the members of THIS party are not afraid of the opposition, which, I suppose, should give us hope that whoever wins the Presidency from this group will be able to stand up to our enemies."

C'mon, guys--get the low-hangers. Try to force the AP to lead with something other than "Giuliani Struggles With Abortion Question"

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