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Reason For Conservative Optimism In Colorado

From today's Denver Post:

Colorado could be among the next wave of states where voters are asked to stop government affirmative action programs, including racial preferences in college admissions.

Backed by a California businessman who supported a similar proposal that succeeded in Michigan, the Colorado Civil Rights Initiative announced plans Monday to put the measure on the 2008 ballot.

This would be a welcome development. Justice O'Connor's goofy twenty-five year timeline notwithstanding, it is about time we affirmed the American ideal of being a meritocracy. Are there circumstances in which racial preferences play a positive role? Probably. But the sort of blanket elevation that current affirmative action programs give probably do less to advance minorities than they do to foment racial resentment.

And this is good conservative strategy, as well. Not only does it put the power directly in the hands of the people, but it does so on an issue that there is a reasonable belief we can win. The one silver lining from the state's 2006 election results is that there wasn't a single ballot issue that the "conservative" position did not carry the day.

We on the Right may not be able to get our act together to elect people; but the state of Colorado is still, on the issues, a center-right state. The more we do to delineate those issue differences for the voters, the better off we will be.


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