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Update: Mike Merrifield Resigns Committee Chairmanship

Following the revelation of his email exchange with fellow Democrat Education Committee Chairperson Sue Windels, Rep. Mike Merrifield has resigned from his Chairmanship of the Colorado House Education Committee.

Merrifield's letter of resignation, which he delivered to the floor today, was very simple:

"I don't want my remarks or my health to sidetrack the important work of the House Education Committee. Accordingly, I am asking Rep. Solano to assume my duties as chair for the remainder of the session."

Unfortunately, I cannot link it for you, because none of the local news outlets have chosen to make it available to you. Also, Merrifield gave a statement on the floor to accompany his resignation--it, too, is not available from any of the local news outlets.

I wonder why not. Hmmm . . . .

[And that's really too bad, too. Because this "apology" is so chock-full of "if my statements were interpreted to mean . . ." and "if anybody felt insulted . . ." gobbledy-gook, that it was actually very funny to listen to. I will attempt to figure out how to link it for your listening pleasure later.]

For that matter, even though this story was on the front page of the 9News webpage early this afternoon, not a word f it was spoken during the 4 o'clock, 5 o'clock, or 10 o'clock broadcasts.

Hmmm. I wonder why that would be.

For that matter, the Denver Post has the audacity to headline its online article "Merrifield Steps Down, Cites Cancer." As if he would have resigned today, anyway, whether this email came to light or not.

I wonder why they would choose such a headline.

At any rate, this whole story highlights how smart work on the part of a few--or one--interested blogger can create a story and a reaction that the "professional" journalism class never gets close to.

Major kudos to Face The State for getting his/her hands on this email and bringing it to light.

Also, nods of approval to Ben for following this story and giving some insightful commentary; for Denise, whose new blog is chuggin' on all cylinders, and adding some great thoughts to this story; to Bob, who adds some real passion to the discussion; and for Richie, who first brought this to my attention.

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