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Their Actions Betray Them

Ron Tupa can say whatever he wants ("I love the uniform," he said, adding he would never sponsor anything that was a slight against the troops. ), but his friends and allies can't help but reveal the hideous, true face of the Left.

From the Rocky Mountain News (same link as above):

Some witnesses earlier appeared at opposing war gatherings just west of the state Capitol. They stood on opposite sides of Lincoln Avenue and shouted at each other.
"Mercenaries!" one anti-war protestor yelled.

A woman across the street, who was holding a "Support our Troops" sign, pointed to the picture of the young serviceman pinned to her jacket.

"Are you saying my son’s a mercenary?" she yelled back. "(Expletive) yes," the protester hollered, to the disgust of those rallying for the troops.

Anybody care to venture what the missing expletive was? Yeah, I think I can guess, too.

The point is that Tupa, for all his rhetoric, is doing this merely to throw a bone to the ugly Left whose millions got him elected to Senate Leadership. This resolution is pointless, meaningless, and a waste of legislative time and energy, for no effect on the world.

And in case you think "hideous" and "ugly" are too harsh a choice of words, I would ask you what words you would use. How would you describe using expletives to tell a mother that her son, who volunteered to put on a uniform and fight for his country for really poor pay, is a hired killer? I think I've shown restraint in my choice of words.

Every once in a while these things are good to see behind the masks--if only the media would show them.

Oh, and, by the way, notice that the News, and its fellow, the Denver Post, both manage to fail to report that the Resolution passed out of committee on a straight party-line vote. I wonder why that detail was left out?

No, not really. I don't wonder.


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