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On The Lighter Side

In case you haven't noticed, we are right now in the midst of the greatest fortnight of sports on the calendar. To wit:

:the final two weeks of the hockey season, which are a lot like the playoffs, which are awesome fun to watch. In case you haven't caught up to the story, the Colorado Avalanche are making an historic run for the playoffs--they haven't lost a game in the month of March, and have come to within 5 points of their nearest rival for the final playoff spot.

:opening day for baseball is just one week away

:The Masters golf tournament is less than two weeks away

:and the Final Four is next weekend, following one of the most entertaining weekends of college basketball I can remember

:and, just for good measure, the Air Force Academy basketball team is making a Final Four run in the National Invitational Tournament.

Lots of fun stuff out there.

Life is not all politics.

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