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Media Cover: House Emergency Military Supplemental

One wonders why the evening news broadcasts on two different Denver television stations hid important facts about today's vote, and why the Rocky Mountain News story (via the AP) buries those same facts deep in the story.

--The Democrats, despite a 31-vote majority, only managed to eke out a 6-vote victory on the spending bill

--The Democrats, despite a comfortable working majority, only managed to garner the bare minimum number of votes for passage (218) by buying the votes of two Republicans, while 14 of their own voted against it

--The Democrats weighed this military funding bill down with an additional $25 BILLION in pork projects, including such "critical-to-the-mission" items such as:
:$25 million for spinach farmers in California
:$74 million for peanut storage in Florida
:$64 million for the National Marine Fisheries Service
:$282 million for the Milk Income Loss Contract Program

--The Democrats forced this bill through, despite a certain Presidential veto, which makes the military running out of funds while troops are in the field a very real possibility

One does have to wonder why important details such as his manage to escape the notice of the "professional" journalist class.

Or, perhaps, one should wonder why the professional journalist class continually chooses not to report details such as these.

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