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The Deafening Silence

Last night I asked if anyone would find Senator McCain--or anybody else, for that matter--and ask them of the importance of the Geneva Conventions in light of Iran's announced intention to ignore them.

Today, I find myself disappointed.

Not at all surpised, but disappointed.

I checked the transcripts for FoxNews Sunday, Meet The Press, and watched a good part of This Week. Not only did McCain not show up at all, but not a single one of the guests on any of the shows get asked about the Iranian situation, and not a single mention of it was made during any of the roundtables.

Wonder why the American people are uninformed? It's because the "professional" journalist class is uninterested in informing them.

By the way, what was the discussion about? Alberto Gonzalez. Just so you know.

Y'know--matters of vital national security.

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