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Around the Colorado 'Sphere

A new site is up, Colorado Index, which tracks internet activity in Colorado on a daily basis, as well asome original commentary and reporting. A useful site, with an excellent mission in mind. Check in with them every day.

Another good new site is up, with a very specific mission: keep the state informed about Charter Schools in Colorado. The site is Colorado Charters Schools, and its run by one of the original advocates of charter schools in Colorado.

Guy links to an excellent defense of Gen. Peter Pace's position vis-a-vis homosexuality by Chuck Colson.

Exvigilare devotes some good grey matter to the ipending Colorado Senate race.

Jim is all over the world with some great blogging, including this advice related to the House vote on the war supplemental:

Just a word of advice for any Republican planning on taking bribes offered by the Democrats; there are millions of principled Republicans like myself that will see to it that you won’t have that opportunity again when you come up for re-election. If you won’t stand up what’s right, we’ll elect people who will.

The small (but mean) bird of prey , as usual, links to more interesting, under-the-radar international news than any site I know of anywhere.

Ben hits many high notes this week, including good coverage of the impending Senate race and his typically sharp coverage of things educational--especially the Governor's sneaky, massive tax hike

And Bob got some good news (?) this week (Godspeed, brother!), and writes with great passion about THE fundamental social contract we hold.

Happy reading!

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