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Why I Am A Republican

I have just recently gotten back in touch with an old friend. He and I were nearly inseperable from about third grade on through high school and into college, though we have lost touch over the last ten or so years. The thing is, he--who I will call "Joe"--is a hard-core, confirmed Leftist.

Our first few exchanges have been about the simple things: family, jobs, history. Nothing earth-breaking. But, eventually, I am certain the conversation will turn toward politics. In truth, I rather expected that by this point in his life he would be on staff for somebody in Congress, if not in Congress himself. But, no. Nonetheless, I am certain that at some point our differing views of the world will be a topic of conversation.

And the thing is, Joe is brilliant. A very keen wit, with a naturally quick mind for debate and clever retort, so I think I have to be on my best game to get through to him. It also occurs to me that, even though I spout off pretty regularly on this website, I've never really taken the time to explicate just why I think the way I do and believe that which I do. And , perhaps, it might be useful for my readers (both of you) to have an understanding of just what motivates me.

So, over the course of the next couple of weeks, I am going to take some time on the blog here to be a little self-indulgent, and explain myself. Feel free to share your own stories, or, better yet, to argue with me when and if you think I'm wrong or that there's a better argument than the one I'm making.

I'll start the process tomorrow night with my first memories of politics and the disastrous results of foreign policy through wish and hope. Yep, you guessed it: my first memories are of the Carter administration. Until then . . .

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