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Payoff? What Payoff?

I thought that all seemed a little too easy for all the labor isues to be resolved with the DNC so the 2008 Democratic Convention could be in Denver.

Follow the logic [courtesy Colorado House GOP Caucus}:

January 3 MSNBC.com: “A local labor official received a call Tuesday from AFL-CIO President John Sweeney, asking what it would take to overcome union objections to bringing the Democratic National Convention to the Pepsi Center.”

“…..local labor unions feel as if Democratic politicians are happy to take their contributions during elections but aren’t willing to help them organize job sites.”

January 11 Democratic National Committee announced that Denver will host the 2008 Democratic National Convention

January 14 Denver Post “National union officials have assured Democrats that the stagehands’ issues with the Pepsi Center can be resolved over the next 19 months. But how?”

January 15 House Bill 1072 sails through its first committee in the House

How, indeed.

Watch closely to see how the media covers this story in the next two days. Were this a GOP situation in which HB 1072 was an Open Shop bill, do you think the press would run saturation coverage of this? Yeah, so do I.

So let's just se how they manage to cover it when the obvious payoff is for the Democrats.

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