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This Should Embarrass the Pentagon

And, for that matter, every agency even vaguely related to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

via Powerline:

As the last remaining stronghold of the Islamic group was overrun by government troops backed by Ethiopian tanks and MiG fighter jets, the net began closing on suspected al-Qaida militants believed to be sheltered by the hard-line group.

Neighboring Kenya vowed to seal its frontier to prevent any extremists, now wedged against the sea and their border, from escaping the 13-day military offensive.

THIS is how you fight a war.

And, since Mark Steyn (who else?) has already said it better, I'll just quote and link.

One difference between the Ethiopians in Somalia and the Americans in Iraq is that the former aren't fighting with one hand behind their back just in case some EU ally or humanitarian lobby group or fictitious Associated Press source leaks some "war crime" or other to the media. In fact, the Ethiopians have the advantage of more or less total lack of interest from the Western media. So they're just getting on with it. . . .

Note to Pentagon for 2007: THEY WILL LIKE US WHEN WE WIN!

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