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Takeaways from a Day at the Movies

Harry Potter: If Voldemort is forming an army, I want to fight!

James Baker: The enemy is forming an army, is on the brink of developing nuclear weapon, has called for the extermination of one of our closest allies, and has been making war on the United States for 27 years . . . I think we should talk to them.

[the Harry Potter clip was heard in the trailer prior to today's movie]

And, in case you're considering takingyour family to see "Happy Feet," think about this review by Michael Philips for Chicago Tribune:

A lot of director George Miller's film is gorgeous and exciting. Its craftsmanship and ambition put it a continent ahead of nearly every other animated feature of the last couple of years.
Audiences are in for an emotional thumping, as well as a bit of bait-and-switch. Despite the movie's joyous poster image and marketing promises of an all-ages lark, . . . The storyline doesn't fully cooperate.

Or take this from Michael Medved [courtesy fellow RMA-er Bob]:

The movie releases that bother me most are those with false and misleading advertising. That's why I'm particularly annoyed at the big new animated film about tap-dancing penguins, "Happy Feet." The marketing suggests a feel-good frolic for kids of all ages, but the reality is dark, disturbing and deeply political. . . .

Parents should be forewarned, in other words: there's very little that's "Happy" about "Happy Feet," and it is entirely unsuitable for young children.

I just want you to know what you're in for.

That said, the first 50-60 minutes of this movie are both hilarious and visually breathtaking. "Happy Feet" could easily be the description of the audience up to the one hour mark in the movie--the soundtrack is KICKIN'!, and the stoy line and dialogue are snappy and original.

And then we enter the sermon.

Do yourself a favor: see it on a big screen when you can get in cheap, and leave at the one hour mark.

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