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That's really the only word to describe what the Nuggets managed to pull off today in trading for the services of Allan Iverson.

Yes, I know--this is not politics. Get over it.

I think this has huge upside for the Nuggets. We gave up Andre Miller, a player with good leadership skills and adequate offensive abilities to get a player who CAN play the point guard, though it will certainly look different than we're used to. Frankly, I just need Iverson to think "pass first" about 50% of the time for me to see him as an effective point--he always looked to score in Philly because noone else could! Here, maybe we'll get to see some amazing playmaking abilities to complement his scoring.

We also gave up a deep bencher and a couple draft picks to get another deep bencher. Not a big loss there; sure, those two draft picks could have been big, but they're likely to be later in the first round, and Nuggets aren't really a rookie away from being a contender--they're an Iverson away.

And let me make it clear that I don't really like Allan Iverson. I see him and the words "prima donna" LEAP into my brain. I think, in many ways, he epitomizes everything that is wrong with the NBA.

But I'm willing to give him a chance. He's never been on a team where he wasn't the only viable offensive option--he may be better at this "team" thing than we know.

At any rate, it'll certainly be fun to watch when he's in a good mood. And 'Melo's not too busy bitch-slapping other players and whining to the officials to play some serious ball. It will certainly be fun to watch.

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