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The Worm Turning? [UPDATED]

ABC News/WashPost Generic Congressional Ballot: Dems +6, down from +14 two weeks ago.

This follows the CNN poll released earlier in the week showing the Republicans closing the gap on the same question by 6 points.

Sure, there are other polls, but they're almost all static. So, at the very least, there has been no movement towards the Dems. Given the evidence at hand, we may be finally starting to see the electorate returning to its senses.

But there's still plenty of time to screw it up.

UPDATE: the trend continues

From TKS:

Pew is out with their final pre-election poll and just like the ABC/Wash. Post poll, Pew shows Republicans with momentum. In the generic ballot, Dems lead by just 4 points. More importantly, the GOP has made significant cuts into the Dems once gigantic lead among indies.
(The last Pew poll put the Democrats' generic ballot advantage at 11 points.)

And also from TKS:

The Gallup poll is out; in two weeks, the Dem's advantage on the generic ballot has narrowed from 13 points to 7 points.

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