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Spot On On Point

I draw your attention this morning to Vincent Carroll's perfect-pitch column in the Rocky this morning.

"Super-rich philanthropists Tim Gill and Pat Stryker spent a combined $6.5 million this year to push Colorado to the left."

- Rocky Mountain News, Nov. 9

Thank goodness Colorado voters passed Amendment 41 last week, shielding this state from the insidious possibility that a lobbyist might ply a lawmaker with a latte. Some of those voters might actually believe they've toppled Big Money from its political throne . . .

The sarcasm is wonderfully placed, and Carroll continues on to pose the exact right question:

Imagine that Gill decides next spring that he would like some face time with Gov. Bill Ritter, and dispatches a well-paid underling to request a meeting. Does anyone seriously doubt that Ritter would clear a spot on his calendar for this wealthy liberal activist who dispenses cash as freely as a Saudi sheik at a roulette table?

The only thing missing is a similar shot across the bow of John McCain and the oh-so-smug BCRA. Remember, Coloradans, that the access to power by the wealthy was a door opened by McCain/Feingold.

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