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My Ballot

For what it's worth.

Governor: Beauprez (R)
7CD Representative: O'Donnell (R)
SecState: Coffman (R) I've met him--he's an impressive guy. . . .and a soldier.
Treasurer: Hillman (R)
AG: Suthers (R)
State Rep: Crane (R)
Board of Ed 7: Kunz (R) Middleton was endorsed by Sue Windels--that made the choice easy
Regent: Davidson
Judges: retain all but Davidson and Marquez--in a system such as this, to not get unanimous approval is startling
Amend. 38: no--I prefer representative democracy, with all its flaws
Amend. 39: yes--the full-time employment for school accountants amendment
Amend 40: no--again, our system is set up with lifetime judges for a reason; if they're bad, we should vote them out; otherwise, elect the right people and you'll get the judges you want
Amend 41: yes--sad that we even need something like this
Amend 42: no--can't think of a better way to kill job growth
Amend 43: yes--"for this reason shall a woman leave her family and cleave to a man . . ."
Amend 44: no . . . .dude
Ref E: yes--seems the least we could do
Ref F: yes--whatever
Ref G: yes--simply housekeeping
Ref H: yes--probably just a "message" law with little teeth, but its a good message
Ref I: no--ease of contractual entry and enforcement is not a Constitutional right
Ref J: yes--see above
Ref K: yes--another good message

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