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A First Step? Or a Misdirection?

Rep. Morgan Carroll (D-Denver) will introduce legislation in January to require the '527s' to report their beneficiaries every month, rather than each quarter as currently required by federal law.

This seems fairly straightforward--even obvious. A little transparency in how the ugliness John McCain left us is a good thing.

But . . . .

Now that they've seized the reins of power, isn't it logical that the first thing they might do is protect their flank? After all, the most effective 527 in the 2004 election was the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth. So why not act to cut off that possibility in the future?

Of course, they seem to have little to fear in Colorado. The Right doesn't seem able to mount a credible campaign for this state, and it could be years before we're capable of competing again. And with all the big money on the Left, there's no way of knowing where the ammunition is going to come from.

But on a national level, I'm just waiting for the first revisions of BCRA to come out of the Congress. It will, no doubt, be shepherded through the Senate by John McCain, who has shown an all-too-frightening willingness to surrender on behalf of the Republican Party. I hope I'm wrong, but . . .

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