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Final Word For Tonight

Well, it's obvious by now that the GOP got their collective butts handed to them in a sling tonight. Even if Burns manages to pull his out of the fire in the remaining seven or so counties, it will do little to assuage the crushing defeat.

So, six years ago the President won a contested election to lead a government that had a narrow GOP majority in the House and a narrow Dem majority in the Senate (after Jeffords made his jump). Now, he is very unpopular and leading a narrowly hostile legislature. In his first term, we got tax cuts, No Child Left Behind, and a handful of other major pieces of legislation; this last year, with a governing majority in both chambers, we got . . . a fence--maybe. But with a governing majority we were unable to simplify the tax code, unable to reform immigration, unable to reform social security, and still unable to confirm judges.

Frankly, I wonder if we're really going to see much of a difference.

What is painfully obvious right now is that the Republican Party is screaming out for a leader who is not only authentic but who is articulate and obviously intelligent and--perhaps more than anything--media-savvy. In 2000 we wanted authentic because the country was tired of Bill; after 9/11 we needed someone who knew right from wrong, perhaps regardless of other qualifications; in 2004 we got lucky because Kerry was so obviously and painfully INauthentic; now, I would say we need a person can influence and marshall the national psyche to accomplish great things, not just be content to get along.

But, more than anything, what is needed is a face and a voice that can, once again, connect with Americans. And a face and a voice don't mean a damn thing unless there's a brain and a core of beliefs behind it.

And, yes, John McCain--that last requirement eliminates you.

Losing is good for the soul every once in a while. But only if you're smart enough to look at the game film honestly and figure out what went wrong. I should think the GOP has a lot of film to digest over the next several months. Which is good, since all those committee chairmen and -women have some extra time on their hands now.

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